Rent A Private Boat in Miami To Add Excitement On Your Trip

Sailing a boat is a great experience! The excitement will be doubled when you are spending time in the boat with your friends or family. It is true that, not everyone can afford to own a boat to earn the sailing experience. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. There are millions of dollars required to own a boat and if you don’t have enough money to buy one, you can use another option and rent one.

Yacht Rental Miami

If you have selected Miami as your next vacation destination, chances are to choose a right boat rental service provider. Before that, you should know some essential things about the boat rentals. Here are some tips those will help to choose the right boat for your amusement.

Rental companies

private boat rentals

Before going to choose the right boat, you should choose the perfect company that can meet your requirement. Though, there are a number of private boat rentals available in Miami, but you have to thoroughly research on their services and the boat they provide. Searching them online would be better. Make sure you have considered thoroughly the ratings and reviews on that rental service left by the customers. Apart from them, it is important to read the licenses and the regulations related to boat rentals.

Licenses and Regulations


For boaters, every state has some age limitation and license requirements. Plus, boat rentals are also required to have proper boat license that allows the rentals to permit limit number of customers on a boat. Sometimes, the number of people can be higher based on the charter selected.

Bachelorette parties

Rental agreement

Before going to sign the agreement, don’t forget to properly read the documents. The agreement documents may help you know if you can travel far away from the boat dock. Sometimes, you’ll find some boat operators in Miami to tow skiers or tubes behind their boat. Apart from it, the agreement will explain a lot of the different things those are essential for you to know.


Boat Rental Miami

Make sure that, you are renting a boat which has proper insurance. The liability coverage of the rental company should be outlined the agreement. Plus, you may want to get touch with your insurance provider to know the type of rental coverage they provide for using rental boat. There are a lot of things can happen while you are at deep waters so knowing these things will give you peace of mind in case you end up causing damage to the boat on your trip.

Safety equipments

Cheap Boat for Rent Miami

Boat rentals have all the required safety equipment on the boat. So you should know how to use the equipment before you leave for the trip. Maximum time the boat operators or the staff on board will guide you how to use the safety equipment. These equipments will ensure safety while you are at deep water.

Reserve boat in advance

In summer, maximum people love to spend their vacation on boats. Therefore, in this season, the demand of the boats is higher compared than winter. This is reason; you may find it harder to find a boat that hasn’t been taken. In order to avoid such type of circumstances, make your boat reservation few weeks earlier. As soon as you have confirmed your vacation dates, you should have a boat reserved. Most of the boats will be reserved by their official websites. Plus, these websites are the best source to know the price to rent a boat in Miami.

Rent a Boat in Miami

Following these useful tips will lead you for a best boat to spend your vacation along with your family or friends. Experience the fantastic vacation on a chartered boat at Miami. For more information you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and Instagram pages .


Four Best Miami Boat Rental Service Providers To Choose In 2018

Are you planning to celebrate your next birthday with your besties? Party boat is certainly a great option to make this party memorable. While you are at deep sea with your closer friends, this experience will truly un matchable and divine. Plus, you can enjoy the party at its best because there is no one to bother you except your closers.


If you are planning boat for rent in Miami, it will be a great move to make your party memorable. Miami Beach is known as one of the top crowed beach in the world and here you have plenty of option to rent a boat for cruising to deep sea. While you’ll rent a boat in Miami, it’ll be the most entertaining and the most enthusiastic way to discover a new location with pocket friendly price. However, the more people you invite, the greater boat you have to hire, in this way, you’ll make your party memorable.


Here is some of the most popular boat rent providers in Miami.

Miami Party Boat Rentals

This is one of the most popular boat rental service providers in Miami. Intercostal views at Miami are truly breathtaking and it is hard to drop down any chance to party at the waters. Making you available all kind of boats, this renters will make you sure that, your party will be memorable and safe. It has different type of boats in his fleet including, Bentley Pontoon Boats, Sea Rau yacht, Van Dutch yacht and Yamaha Jet Skies for solo ride. Apart from them, it has several well experienced operators those will make you sure; you are at safe hand to enjoy your party without any hassle.

Rent a Boat in Miami

Miami Boat Rent

If you want cheap boat for rent in Miami, this is the right company to select for. It is committed to make your celebration special yet memorable. Having decades of experience, it has thousands of satisfied customers those have already enjoyed their party at their best. All the captains are USCG licensed and they have a good track record on this job. Apart from boats, it also provides additional services like catering, cooks, bartenders and other assistant those will cater a great experience. All these boats are properly equipped with latest electronic gadgets including sound systems those are connected with iPhone. Plus, to prepare food on board, all boats are equipped with kitchen and barbecue.

Boat Renting in Miami

Miami Captain Joe

If you want to sail by the most experienced captain in Miami, choose Captain Joe. Having almost two decades experience in this field, it will make you sure that, your trip is secure and elevate your level of enjoyment. Apart from party boats, it has numerous other boats in his fleet those will meet your entire requirement. No matter, whether you are looking for a tiny boat or a yacht, Captain Joe has all these options available to choose for.

Miami Beach Boat Rental

From water sports to party boats, Miami Beach Boat Rental is the right company to choose for. You have plenty of chance to experience the magnificent nature of South Florida cruising to several Miami Beach Islands including, Monument, Star and Fisher. All these islands are handy to reach with these amazing boats those are mainly driven by experienced captains. Apart from them, to fulfill your passion for water sports, Miami Beach Boat Rental service provides all possible gears to experience these thrilling activities.


No matter whether you are looking for cheap boat rental in Miami or luxury yacht, all your wishes will fulfill with these service providers. They have years of experience and different boats in their fleet those will meet your requirement. For more information you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and Instagram pages .

Miami’s Top 4 Yacht Rental Companies

The magnificent beauty of Miami attracts travelers craving for a luxury getaway on the water. So if you are planning a get together with a decent size of group of friends then do consider yacht rentals in Miami. Yacht rental in Miami lets you experience the luxury of partying on the ocean within your budget.


Nowadays, many yacht rental companies can be found in Miami that make provide you with an inexpensive and enjoyable yachting experience. Following are the top 4 yacht rental companies in Miami that offer the best deal.

Miami Boat Rent Inc.



A boat rental and yacht charter business located at Miami, Florida since 2010 Miami Boat Rent Inc. provides yacht rentals and boat charters in Miami, The Keys and The Bahamas. They focus on customer satisfaction by providing quality, fun and affordable charters.

Tropical boat Luxury Yacht Charters & Rentals



Tropical boat Luxury Yacht Charters & Rentals being one of the leading yacht rental companies in Miami invites to cruise the beautiful blue waters of Biscayne Bay, Florida Keys, Bahamas, Caribbean, and tropical local islands of Miami, Miami Beach and South Florida.




Being in the yacht rental business since 2011 MIAMI PARTY BOAT RENTALS have been making it easy and convenient for anybody to rent a yacht in Miami at an affordable cost and enjoy the beautiful city with yachting on the ocean with friends. They provide endless variety of trips and destinations to make your visit in Miami memorable.

The Advantaged Yacht Charters & Sales


Private Boat Rentals Miami

The Advantaged Yacht Charters & Sales offers top quality yacht services in Miami, Florida, ranging from day and term yacht charters to outstanding destinations, to yacht brokerage services. They are committed to tailor the perfect yachting experience for each of their clients.


Yachting in Miami can be a fun filled experience when the right yacht rental company is chosen. So make sure you choose the right company offering the best Miami yacht for rent.For more information you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and Instagram pages .

Things to do having Private Boat Rentals in Miami

You must be excited when you think of having a Boat Renting in Miami and cruising along the Intracoastal waters. You may be a frequent sailor of just maybe who just head out once or twice in a year but there are certain essentials that you must do to enjoy the most.


Things that you must not miss to do

As you have Cheap Boat Rental in Miami from us you can expect to have the best of boats which are well maintained and furnished to offer you the perfect comfort during your cruise. There are certain things that you must not miss doing when you are on our boat.

Yes, you may be amazed when I say about the first not to miss essential. It is wine tasting. You definitely love wines and also boats and when you have both in hand why miss the chance of tasting wine when you enjoy the scenery of small water canals from the Private Boat Rentals in Miami.


It is the best way to spend your holidays by having a Boat for Rent in Miami from us. You may be thinking why it is so. Have you imagined of the traffic congestion that you may face on such days of holiday? Instead, why not have our Boat for Rent in Miami and be with your family and friends at the famous Haulover Sandbar or have a full day trip to an island for a barbecue.

Nothing can beat the enjoyment to have a family fishing trip having Miami Boat Rental from us. As we offer the best of boats, your experience will be amazing after having the wonderful catch from our luxurious 24 Feet Bentley Pontoon boats or 35 Feet Sea Ray yacht.


Why not learn sailing having Private Boat Rentals in Miami from us. The Jet Skis that you can have from us at an affordable rate will help you to learn and enjoy at the same time. Bring your sun block and bathing suits and experience Florida’s oceanic wildlife and clear blue water.

You can easily have Boat Rental in Miami from us by booking your boat through online means and have the opportunity to avail the special discounts that we offer.

In order to enjoy the most, having our services of Rent a Boat in Miami you just need to at the dock 15 minutes before the time of the trip. You will be given the life jackets and you are ready to sail out with the best boat through our Boat Renting in Miami.


If you wish to have such a boating experience then you need to be with Miami Party Boat Rentals. We offer the best of well-maintained boats through our affordable Rent a Boat in Miami. You can know more about our affordable and luxurious rental boat services by being at out website. You can call us at (508) 250-9644 to have a boat booked for you. For more information you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and Instagram pages .

Jet Ski Rental Offers An Unforgettable Cruise Through The Crystal Clear Waters In Miami

Do you want to have an adrenaline rushed experience on a fast jet while visiting Florida?  People, in general, love the water and hot sun because it always gives an amazing feeling! Jet Ski Rental companies in Miami offer tourists the opportunity of amazing boating adventure.

When it needs to be cool off you can jump into the water for plenty of water-related activities and Jet Ski ride is one of them. Every single or group of tourists loves Miami for its great atmosphere and Jetski Rental in Miami is a better way to discover the fun on the water.


Nothing is better than a great Jet Ski riding experience around local rivers or the ocean area in Miami. Have your day with Jet Ski to have a ride of your life!  Jet Skiing is a smooth and most reliable ride on the ocean to see the real wild water life.

Here is some more advantage you can achieve from a Jet Ski Rental Miami.

Jet Ski tour-

With a list of tourist attractions, Miami attracts lots of visitors to experience Florida’s exotic local places with the Jet Ski tour drive. An excursion aboard a Jet Ski is the most exciting way to experience the blue sea water. During your Jet Ski tour, you will come across an array of oceanic life such as colorful tropical fish, dolphins and other highlights like plenty of popular islands, port of Miami, Miami Sea Aquarium, Bay Harbor, Key Biscayne, stilts Ville, Cape Florida Lighthouse and much more.


Opportunity for a range of activity-

No special experience is necessary to operate a Jet Ski! It’s easy, with the help of professional guides and instructions it becomes easier to ride across the turquoise blue waters. You can tailor your tour to include snorkeling in the crystal blue warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Just not snorkeling, you can have an island-style picnic on a real island located in the heart of Biscayne Bay.

Adventure over water-

A ride on a Jet Ski in Miami offers you the experience of exciting water adventure in South Beach, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Saint Petersburg! You may rent a Jet Ski to cruise at low speeds to watch the scenic shoreline or you can be fast to fly above the waves. The fleet of latest, super-fast Yamaha Jetski can take you and your group on a tour of Miami, unlike anything.


Great fun for family –

Jet Ski Rental in Miami offers you an unforgettable adventure of splashing through waves under the Sunshine is an excellent athletics activity for the full family. Jet Ski Rental Companies in Miami use latest models to provide safe, stable and simple to ride Jet Skies to present fun for the complete family.


Here at Miami Party Boat Rental, we have been renting the water ski motorized vehicles for years. We have the best knowledge on how to operate them in a better way on the ocean.  We offer top quality equipment, impeccable safety record, safety-certified staff, and superb service to our customers.


So come and take the advantage of Jet Ski Rental in Miami for water Sports and have some fun with riding a jet ski by Miami Party Boat Rental. To experience the oceanic wildlife and clear blue water in Florida do call us (508) 250-9644 or For more information you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and Instagram pages .